About Us

When you work with KIQN, you’re partnering with a local company focused on getting you results.  We’re a community-focused company, and we’re invested in your success.   We can create marketing solutions on-air, online, and on-site.  Strategically combining different advertising platforms can help you reach your marketing goal, and that’s our goal.  

Clients work with us for our ideas.  We’re able to execute these plans using recorded ads, live endorsements, promotions, live events, online video, video pre-rolls, display advertising, SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Location Based Advertising (geofencing and retargeting), and email marketing, to name a few.  

KIQN is your best investment for advertising on the air.   Our marketing strategy offers your business unique talent and production to reach that targeted audience and designed to fit your budget.   Your business will see the return on your investment with KIQN 103.3 FM. 

Unlike the mega-monster media corporations that use voice-tracked DJs located in Florida and Texas, all of our programs are produced locally.  If you invest your advertising dollars with KIQN, the money will be pumped right back in to the Southern Colorado economy.   

We are “Market Driven” and “Performance Orientated,”  broadcasting at 100,000 watts.   KIQN is privately owned, managed and engineered ~  your investment stays in Colorado !     

 “Brand your Business" !!!  Contact Advertising@KIQN1033.com for further details.

The Legends of Country:  

Kickin' Country focuses on music that tells a story, music with an emotional impact, and music that has a catchy tune.   In this day and age, modern-day country music has abandoned its traditional roots to develop an adult contemporary-pop sound, with a twist of rap and hip hop elements thrown in for good measure.   Many modern country songs have no recognizable melody line, but drone on and on monotonously, with the tune leading nowhere.  Traditional country music has an emotional impact.   We aim to bring country music back to its traditional roots.  You can sing along and send in your requests.  KIQN-103.3 FM is your new home for those forgotten Country Music Hits and rising new artists that carry on the legend.
About Us