About Us

The Legends of Country:  
        Kickin' Country focuses on music that tells a story, music with an emotional impact, and music that has a catchy tune.   In this day and age, modern-day country music has abandoned its traditional roots to develop an adult contemporary-pop sound, with a twist of rap and hip hop elements thrown in for good measure.   Many modern country songs have no recognizable melody line, but drone on and on monotonously, with the tune leading nowhere.   And while some traditional songs can bring the listener to tears, many modern songs have zero emotional impact, with trite, predictable lyrics that fail to tell a compelling story.  At Kickin' Country, we aim to bring country music back to its traditional roots.  You can sing along with the melodies, and some of the songs might even make you cry.  KIQN-103.3 FM is your new home for those forgotten Country Music Hits from the Seventies, Eighties and Nineties.